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Value of Garden City

The environmental challenges of the future climate change are getting more and more serious, and the conditions of green resources and opportunities of development are limited. In addition to building parks, Taipei City Government also uses public idle land to build green landscaping, and promotes people to build the gardens. The base not only enhances the essential functions of the park and green space system and improves the quality of life, but also links the interpersonal emotional relationships of local residents through the activities of planting vegetables.

The park and green land plays a role of buffer and adjustment in the current extreme drought climate. When the rainstorm hits, it directly reduces the impact on the surface of ground. It can absorb water through the permeable pavement and the soil to achieve the effect as a sponge city. In the summer, the city is prone to the produce Urban Heat Island Effect. Affected by the parks and green areas, it will have a cooling effect on the micro-climate within the environment; if the building roof is made with a green roof, it can significantly reduce the indoor temperature.

Through the promotion of policy, on the one hand, increasing green space in Taipei also enhances the positioning of the parks and green space in city, rebuilding civil society ethics, increasing urban ecology, promoting physical and mental health, mitigating extreme climate shocks, and providing food and agricultural education to the students.

In the future, we will continue to promote policy of garden city, assist communities and students to understand agriculture, understand the environment, and understand safety of food through daily diets. Other topics include the concept of ecology, environmental protection, and life. In addition, through the establishment of garden city that is built from resident to government, it will gradually combine the spontaneous maintenance of citizens and groups to protect the green resources and achieve the concept of sustainable garden city management.


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